Being a majority-owned Aboriginal business our vision is to provide a strong, sustainable future for Aboriginal people, culture and Country by being a market leader in the food services industry – by delivering services that are second to none for clients, and employment, training and outreach programs that create tangible economic, health and social benefits for Aboriginal people.

Our motivation and inspiration
At a time when there is a growing and, no doubt, genuine desire for reconciliation, the truth is that Aboriginal people are still excluded. The foodservice industry is a case in point.

It is this gap between the industry’s best intentions and positive outcomes for the Aboriginal community that motivates us. It is the people who are excluded who are our inspiration. That’s what it is all about for us – bridging the gap to create opportunities that transform economic, health and social outcomes for Aboriginal people to change or even save lives


At Gather Foods we bring all values and perspectives to the table and give everyone a voice, we foster an inclusive environment for our employees which empowers us to be more innovative for our customers."


We strive to have our workplace a more collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that in turn increases the participation and contribution of all our employees.